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Different types of cyber security
Dolphin November 11, 2022 0 Comments

The 7 Pillars of Cyber Security

Cyber security is the umbrella term for the measures needed to ensure your business is as protected as can be. But it comes in different guises, largely grouped into the following seven areas.

The Different Types of Cybersecurity

Network Security

Most attacks occur over networks, and for good reason. If you think of your business IT systems as an integrated web, a hacker gaining access to this web will be able to infiltrate every corner of your IT. Network security solutions are designed to identify and block these attacks before they get a foot in the door.

Cloud Security

With businesses embracing cloud computing, this has become a playground for cyber criminals who will take advantage of unsecured cloud systems. You may feel you have this covered by your cloud provider, but some of these in-house security solutions are not up to the task of achieving enterprise-grade security.

Endpoint Security

Securing end-user devices such as desktops and laptops with data and network security controls, and advanced threat prevention such as anti-phishing and anti-ransomware, will go a long way to increasing your cyber security.

Mobile Security

Security doesn’t stop on what are considered ‘traditional’ computers – mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have access to your company data, and need the same level of security at all levels, including endpoint, cloud and network security.

IoT Security

Your Internet of Things (IoT) devices are connected to the Internet and therefore provide nefarious users a pathway into a your network. Identifying and classifying all of your connected devices, needs to be part of your overall cyber resilience policy.

Application Security

Continuing in our vein of ‘easy hits’ for criminals, web applications are common targets, and this needs to be addressed when assessing your company vulnerabilities.

Human Security

Educating and training your staff may not fall under the common remit of ‘type of cyber security’, but if your employees and partners are unaware of cyber threats they could be the surest way of your business suffering a breach. Regular company training should be rolled out to everyone within your organisation to not only mitigate a breach, but to ensure all know what to do should a mistake occur.

If achieving cyber security for your business feels like a mountain that you are unable to climb alone, get in touch with us here at Dolphin and we’ll help you find the best route to securing your company.