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Is your anti virus Win 11 safe?
Dolphin October 8, 2021 0 Comments

Is Your Anti-virus Windows 11 Compatible?

October 5th 2021 saw the official launch of Windows 11. Whilst a privileged few within the industry have had access to Windows 11 for some time, for the majority of us we need to sit patiently to await notification that it is our turn to add it to our computers.

When the time comes, please remember that you need to ensure your entire systems are backed up as we outlined in our post “Windows 11 – What you need to know“, which also advises on the requirements of your computer for being able to download Windows 11.

Another consideration you need to address is that of your anti-virus – will it continue to cover you and keep you secure on the new Operating System?

Here is a list of the main criteria your current anti-virus will need to meet to ensure it keeps you safe.

Windows 11 Compatible Anti-Virus Checklist

Integrates with Windows Security

Successfully updates malware signatures

Has no obvious bugs or erroneous notifications

Automatically activates when malware is encountered

Activation of real-time protection without requiring intervention

Provides (as a minimum) the same malware detection as on Windows 10

Notifies you if real-time protection is disabled, and allows you to easily reactivate it

Dolphin have checked with their recommended internet security provider that the antivirus they supply to their customers meets all requirements and are happy to continue to recommend this product to all.

You will need to think about other programs that you use on your computer and check with your suppliers that these products will also be compatible with Windows 11. This is not a given, and you may find disruption to your usual activities if the software you are used to using doesn’t work with the upgrade.