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3 Things You Need To Do On Your New Computer Now
Dolphin January 20, 2023 0 Comments

3 Things You Need To Do On Your New Computer Now

You’ve got yourself a brand-new, shiny computer. Congratulations! You should find it must faster than your old one, and once you learn your way around, you’ll soon forget all about the tiresome old machine that you used to put up with.

Apart from removing it from the box and pressing ‘start’ there are some other important things you need to get done to ensure this new computer continues to work for you for as long as possible.

Add a Backup – all computers fail. Even brand-new, shiny computers can fail. The only way to ensure that everything you have on your computer or laptop is secure is to have backups in place. Some people remember to physically backup their machines on a regular basis but backing up to a cloud storage means you don’t have to remember to do so. For businesses, you should have more than one backup, an image as well as a data backup.

Install AV – everybody needs internet security unless your new laptop is never going to access the internet or use an external USB. Not all AVs (anti-virus) are the same. It’s tempting to go for the free versions, especially when you’ve just spent so much money on a new machine, but they are free for a reason. They are never as robust, as secure as the paid for options, they can slow your computer down, and some have ‘hidden’ agendas.

Do The Update – even your new computer will need updates, possibly as soon as you start it up. Software updates come out both as precautions and as reactions – and either way, they are there to keep you safe so please ensure to follow the prompts, do the update, and don’t leave it until it becomes a problem for you.

If you look after your computer and your data, you should enjoy your new machine for a few years to come.